Kenya Nyeri Rukira - Wet Process (Washed), Sun Dried

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Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB

An intense, aromatic Kenya, with vibrant flavors of grapefruit, orange spice tea, and citrus rind informing acidity, along with notes of red grape, cranberry, clove spice, and a hint of coconut water in the nose.

Roast Level City to City+.

SCAA Score - 91.6

Experience the vibrant flavors of our Rukira AB light roast! With intense aromas and a delightful blend of dark sugars and bright fruits, this coffee offers a tangy lemon bar profile with hints of sweet orange and ginger spice. Perfectly balanced, it showcases robust sweetness in both City and City+ roasts. Discover refreshing citrus notes of grapefruit and orange spice tea, complemented by subtle hints of red grape and plum as it cools. The citric acidity adds a refreshing twist reminiscent of pulpy orange juice, while City+ roasts unveil a delightful red berry sweetness. Indulge in every sip of this bittersweet yet bright brew!