The Passion of The Bean


In case you don't already know it, i have a crazy passion for coffee. I'm one of the rare people who wake up every day and love to go to work. It’s almost unfair to call it work because I actually enjoy what I do.  I get to feel the passion and actually call it work.

I would like to introduce you briefly to the "Passion Of The Bean" Program.   We are specialty roasters and very passionate about the coffee industry and the crazy fruit that creates the wonderful elixir that most to of the world loves to drink.

Roasting coffee and educating people is part of my passion and my belief is that the passion does not begin with me, rather it starts with the grower on the farm level. I dont just buy green coffee, I develop relationships with our farmers, importers, and family of customers. her family. I love their passion, I love the people. It is my passion to take the raw product that has been given to me with the trust that I will roast it to show its true characteristic’s and pass it along to my customers to allow them to share in the passion too. I don’t look for the average coffee drinker. I am not trying to win over the typical coffee shelf customer.  I seek out those who are passionate about the whole experience. It’s who I am and I guess I am just looking for like-minded people to become part of my following in the "Passion Of The Bean Experience"

I shy away from commercial beans. I like working with the specialty coffee growers, co-ops, and woman owned farms. I source beans from the highest elevations. We source off of the top of the pyramid rather than the lower portions. I like being able to put a name and a face onto the farmers who worked to give me my coffee beans.

I sample roast countless submissions looking for beans that will meet my taste criteria. Once I find them I develop individual profiles that will bring out the best that the bean has to offer. That is essentially in every bag that I ship out. When I customer tries our coffee they know that they have something special. 

Every once and a while in this process I will come across a  unique and special coffee bean.  Normally the amount available and the cost of the bean will be way to high to offer to the retail customers. In the Passion Of The Bean Program i will buy 1 sack of a bean that I consider to be something totally beyond my expectations and I will share it with this select group of like minded coffee enthusiasts.  This program is not for everyone but it may be for you.  Call me and we can become acquainted.  It would be my pleasure to meet you.

Moshe Ruza - Roast-master




The Passion of The Bean
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