Ethiopia Guji Goro Bedessa - Wet Process (Washed)

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Region Goro Bedessa, Guji Zone
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun Dried

Ethiopia Guji Goro Bedessa

Perfect for pour-over brewing, a light-and-bright coffee, with perfumed top notes that shine through in the cup. Simply syrup, jasmine pearl tea, dried rose, pink fruit gum, and hint of rue wrapped into a sweet finish. City to City+.

Score: 92.6

Full Cupping Notes

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Goro Bedessa, a prime example of Ethiopian Guji coffee processed with care. Delight in its refined sweetness and lingering floral notes that dance elegantly in every sip. The dry fragrance tantalizes with aromatic citrus and subtle hints of simple syrup sweetness, while the wet aroma unfolds with perfumed sweetness reminiscent of dark honey and caramelized sugars, accentuated by star jasmine. At City roast level, experience crystalline sweetness akin to raw sugar syrup, with delicate fruited accents like Meyer lemon that brighten as the coffee cools. But above all, it's the floral essence that truly shines, infusing each cup with delicate notes of jasmine pearl tea, dried rose, and hints of pink fruit gum, leaving a subtly refreshing finish. Perfect for pour-over brewing, where its refined characteristics truly stand out. While Full City roasts are an option, they may overshadow the nuanced flavors, making City to City+ the recommended roast level to savor every delightful note.