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Origin: Colombian - La Venta Estate 

Farm Location: Cajibo, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 5,629 - 6,000 Feet

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Drying: Silo drying

Harvest: May - July Export November - June

The Colombia Origin coffee comes from the world's best-known producer of coffee, ranking second worldwide in yearly production. Colombia takes this position seriously and works very hard to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Colombia coffee was introduced in the early 1800's and is known for its bright acidity, heavy body and intense aroma. The coffee is grown in an extremely rugged landscape, providing the perfect natural environment for growing coffee. This makes the production extremely difficult and the coffee must be transported by mule or jeep through the rugged terrain. The care and attention results in consistently good, mild coffees with a well-balanced acidity. 

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet this charming couple when they walking into our roastery.   They are proud, enthusiastic and passionate about their work.  They have become our grower of choice from Colombia and expect to build this relationship.  It is our pleasure to introduce them to you.

ABOUT LA VENTA ESTATE COFFEE  right from the mouths of our friends Daniel  & Natalie..... 

Our farm has been a family heritage since 1950. For many years we have enjoyed it as a beautiful recreation space and we have also developed other productive activities such as cattle and sericulture (silkworm).

Since 2008 we started our coffee crop by planting some varieties of Castillo, Caturra and Tabi and we also planted 2,500 green plantain plants. We conserve and improve the native forest and tree species of the region such as guayacan, caspe, nacedero, guamos, guadua, guava trees, oaks, cedars, citrus trees. Today we have 44,350 coffee plants distributed in 19 lots per variety. Our coffee is washed, naturally fermented and sun-dried.

Who is working on this project ? Daniel and his wife Natalie, his brothers Alejandro and Ary and Julieta our mother. Our sister Ivonne lives in Denver and helps us with the graphic design. Our sisters Diana and Carolina and nephews also support us. This is actually a shared dream since children. In our activities, we preserve the essence of the memory of our grandparents Ary & Elisa, Jaime & Joyce, Francisco and Sandra (parents).

For many years Bolivar and Elsi has lived at the farm. A marriage of the region with two great children Fahiber and Yuri. These two young man and woman are doing their College studies in Popayán in Software Development and Visual Design respectively. Both contribute to the farm in their free time and it is a source of pride for us to know that thanks to this project they are achieving their academic dreams.


La Venta de Cajibio is a small town in the municipality of Cajibio, Colombia. A beautiful mountainous area at 1760 MASL with an average temperature of 60-68 °F and the average of annual rainfall is 2222 mm. These extraordinary natural conditions allow us to produce coffee of the highest quality.

This village has a population of 3,500 people who mostly work in agricultural activities in the region. The majority of young people and children attend the school in town and some travel daily to Popayán (20 minutes driving) to their colleges or universities. This region was historically recognized because there was the railway station and there operated a grocery store famous for  the sale of "pandebonos" (delicious yucca bread and cheese) that is the reason why travelers called this place La Venta (The Sale in Spanish).


Another aspect that we like to highlight is the protection of the environment. Previous year (2018) we built an ecological trail of 1.13 km "La Lajita" that leads to a natural spring water crossing lots of different varieties of coffee and crossing part of the native forest. See Pics at our web, facebook and instagram. 

The previous year we planted 1,000 oaks in the forest along the creek "El Zancudo" that surrounds the farm. Although we have some lots of coffee under the shade of native forest, this year we started the planting of 1,000 "Guamos" and 200 "Nacederos" in the coffee lots to guarantee natural shade to the plants.


 In addition to the support we provide to Bolivar and his family, we have permanent relationships with the neighborhood thanks also to the long history that the farm has in this region.

During harvest (May, June, July) we hire 38 collectors (some are marriages) and 7 people working on processes to ensure quality (depulping, flotation, fermenting, drying). We are always hiring a wonderful group of single women with children to help their economy. 

The rest of the year we have usually 3 people working in seasons plus the family that lives at the farm.

In December always visit a small children's garden right in front of our farm. There we deliver Christmas gifts to all children (food + books + toys). We have some pics at our web site.

In any case, we are always seeing what else we can do ...