Colombia Jairo Bomba - Caldono - Cauca - Castillo - Honey Small Batch Freshly Roasted Day of Shipment, 18 K-Cups (Colombia)

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The Cup

Juicy and sweet with winey, fruit acidity, jam like cooked fruits, raspberry and rich chocolate.
  • THE INTERNET’S FRESHEST K-CUPS The only K-Cups that are roasted, packaged and shipped on the same day, combining the experience of premium coffee with the convenience of a K-Cup
  • MORE JOE FOR YOUR CUP - Unlike the paper filters used by other K-Cup brands, our pleated polypropylene filters do not absorb any flavor, enabling the full flavor profile of artisan crafted beans. Patent-pending DeepBrew design allows up to 50% more coffee for a richer brew and a larger mug
  • The Colombia Origin coffee comes from the world's best-known producer of coffee.  We present you with our direct relationship "Cafe La Venta"
  • TAKE NOTE OF THESE NOTES This delicious Colombian  roast holds notes of sweet chocolate, nuts and Vanilla  with a lively full bodies bright cup.
  • 99.95% RECYCLABLE Combine your care for the environment with your passion for coffee. While other K-Cups only have recyclable cups, our K-Cups use the same #5 recyclable polypropylene for the lid and filter as well, making the entire K-Cup recyclable